V8 5.0 Engine Radiator (With Cooling Fan) 3s Version

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GPM Racing - General Hop-Up Parts - Heatsink - ZSP037B V8 5.0 Engine Radiator (With Cooling Fan) 3s Version 1pc

This product includes :


Product major function & usage:
A good decoration part to cool down the motor

1. Engine radiator, V8 engine appearance with air intake design.
2. Temperature control with 13000 rpm high speed dual fan to dissipate heat for the motor.
3. The built-in fan effectively prevents destruction by projects on the road such as rocks. The radiator is clamped directly on the motor.

Suitable for most 1:10 RC models with a 36mm diameter motor.
Material: The main body is made of aluminum and the upper mask is made of Polyurethane.
Cooling fan: 3S version 11.1v, rated 13000 rpm.
Introduction to the thermostat: The operating temperature is 50 °C ± 5 °C, the reset temperature is 35 °C ± 5 °C. The fan will not start after power-on, it will start after the motor is warmed up to control the operating temperature.
Note: 1. Select 2S or 3S version according to the specific power consumption. Be aware to distinguish between positive and negative when wiring. Default power: JST plug.
Note 2. The original body mount posts must be modified when installing on TRAXXAS TRX-4 (refer to diagram).



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