Trinity Revtech "X Factor" Team ROAR Spec Brushless Motor (17.5T)

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Trinity "X Factor" Team Spec 17.5T Brushless Motor. 



  • Team Spec
    • Production Base Motor
    • Thorough visual inspection for any issues including timing, shimming and loose screws
    • Each and every production Motor Stator is tested and only the TOP 5% are labeled as Team SPEC 5%
    • Stator Resistance Numbers are Marked on the Inside of the box
    • Box is Sealed with a Special Team SPEC Label.
  • Standard X Factor:
    • ROAR Approved
    • 10% Lighter than Previous Motors
    • Weight (144g avg)
    • Redesigned Composite Sensor Board
    • 0 - 60 Degrees of Timing adjustment
    • Revolutionary timing ring & locking end plate systems saves weight Only 6 short screws (no long screws)
    • X-Flow Cooling which pulls more air through the can, reducing motor temps
    • 2-Piece CNC Machined Aluminum can allows for more accurate deviation readings
    • 2mm Ultra Low Resistance Solder Tabs
    • Updated Stator Design provides a more efficient power curve  - NO FADE!
    • 2100Kv @ Zero Degrees of Timing (approximate) Sensored Brushless Motors are not rated by Kv due to the fact that timing and voltage can affect the Kv number.
    • Comes out of the box with the high torque and punchy TEP1119 12.5 x 25.5mm Long High Torque Rotor



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