TRAXXAS MAXX MONSTER TRUCK Aluminum Front Knuckle Arms - 4pc set

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Part location: Front knuckle arms

Is this part adjustable? YES
How: Install tie rod in different positioning holes.
Purpose: Adjust angle of tie rods to suit different drives.

This product includes :

Kncukle Arm 2pcs
Stainless Steel Round Head Screw 3x16 2pcs

Major advantages of upgrading to this part/product :
1. Upgraded material to aluminum 6061 T6 with POM collars inserted to minimize the tolerance hence the bearing is able to fit tightly into the knuckle arms for accurate turning.
2. POM is a fitted tightly to protect the bearing from falling off due to friction.
3. 3D streamline brings a modern and metallic appearance.
4. Two positioning holes for tie rods installation to adjust the angle.



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