16mm EVO RR Shk Spring, 3.8 Rate, Red(2):8B 4.0n: TLR344023

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TLR 16mm EVO Rear Shock Spring. EVO shock springs are closer together in rate for finer tuning. They are also constant in coil diameter and longer length when compared to the standard TLR springs. Between the constant coil diameter and the frequency TLR has chosen for these, these handle much better in all conditions, especially when it comes to bumps and landing. These are the red, 3.8 rate rear springs.

NOTE: There are a couple of changes needed to run these springs on your TLR 8IGHT vehicles. You will need to use the spring cups that come with the shock ends in LOSA5435 that were for the older 1.0 and 2.0 vehicles. You will also need to flip your shock collars over so the lip is on the top.

T L R 16mm E V O Spring Chart



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