TEKNO EB410.2 1/10th 4WD Competition Electric Buggy Kit TKR6502

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The Tekno RC EB410.2 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit, the next evolution in 1/10th scale 4wd buggy that features many of the updated components of the ET410, but with several redesigned elements included to further improve handling and durability.

Now included is a front end sway bar system along with updated 15-degree low roll center spindle carriers. The suspension has been upgraded with redesigned pistons and revised shock towers. In the rear, Tekno has included improved arms that allow front-mounted shocks, updated adjustable roll center rear hubs, and a upgraded, taller one-piece wing mount to help improve aerodynamics and roll characteristics. Durability has also been improved with a updated spur gear, a front bulkhead brace, heavy-duty ABCD hinge pin braces, and larger 3.5mm inner hinge pins.

  • Revised CNC 7075 Long Wear Chassis
  • Updated Larger 3.5mm HD Hinge Pins and Revised Hinge Pin Inserts
  • Updated ABCD Hinge Pin Braces w/ Revised Suspension Geometry
  • Updated Taller, Stronger One Piece Wing Mount w/ Height Adjustments
  • 13mm Big Bore Shocks w/ Revised Cartridge and Cap Bushing
  • Ultra Secure Locking Spring Perch Design
  • Updated Rear Arms w/ Front Mounted Shocks
  • Updated Adjustable Roll Center Rear Hubs
  • Updated 15 Degree LRC Spindle Carriers
  • Updated Aluminum Front Camber Plate w/ Bulkhead Brace
  • Revised Material 81T Spur Gear
  • Front and Rear Sway Bars Now Included
  • Large Wheel Bearings and 6mm HD Stub Axles
  • Optimized Reverse Bellcrank Steering System



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