Traxxas E-Revo VXL Stainless Steel Adjustable Tie Rods 24pc set

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This item is suitable for TRAXXAS E-REVO and TRAXXAS E-REVO VXL

Manual number: 8168+8647+8638+8646

This product includes :

Tie Rod-8pcs
Stainless Steel Round Head Screws 3x16-12pcs
Stainless Steel Round Head Screws 3x23-4pcs

Product major function & usage:
Support and stabilize the vehicle to bring the knuckle arms to achieve the steering performance

1. Stainless steel is a strong material with great durability and stability.
2. Adjustable design using clockwise and counterclockwise threads.

Suitable for Traxxas E-Revo 56087-1



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