Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer Stainless Steel Front+Rear Sway Bar & Aluminum Sway Bar Arm & Stainless Steel Linkage 23pc set (Gray Silver)

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Original Name / Part No.(F)8598+8596 (R) 8598+8597

Part location: Front + rear sway bar (left & right)

This product includes :

Front Sway Bar Arm 2pcs
Rear Sway Bar Arm 2pcs
Front Sway Bar 1pc
Rear Sway Bar 1pc
Front + Rear Linkage 4pcs
Stainless Steel Button Head Screw 3x12 2pcs
Stainless Steel Button Head Screw 3x14 2pcs
Stainless Steel Round Head Screw 3x16 8pcs
3.5mm Reamer 1pc

How: Install the tie rods on different positioning holes on sway bar.
Purpose: Adjust the car to adapt to different road condition by modifying the angle of tie rods.

Major advantages of upgrading to this part/product
1. Aluminum + stainless steel combination are more durable and able to withstand stronger forces.
2. Dual position holes on sway bar arms to adjust the angle of the tie rods to adapt to different road condition.
3. Stainless steel sway bar is thickened from 2mm to 3.4mm. Use the reamer to enlarge positioning hole during installation.



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