Pro-Line Traxxas Slash/Stampede 4x4 Pro-Spline Front HD Axle Set

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This is an optional set of assembled Pro-Line "Pro-Spline" Front HD Axles, intended for use with the Traxxas Slash 4x4, Stampede 4x4 and Traxxas Rally.

The Pro-Spline HD Technology debuted on the Pro-Line PRO-MT Kit and is designed to handle serious power. Made from Hardened Black Oxide coated Steel, the Pro-Spline drive shafts have a true 6-sided spline that slides smoothly throughout the suspension travel without having to worry about stripping out like the stock plastic drive shafts.

The Front Pro-Spline HD Axles feature an improved front outer pivot point, which has been moved to be in-line with the steering axis (king pin). This eliminates the forward and backward motion of the stock drive shafts when turning the wheels and results in more consistent power delivery during cornering.

If you are looking for the Ultimate drive shaft upgrade, look no further than the Front Pro-Spline HD Axles brought to you by Pro-Line!


  • Made from Hardened Black Oxide Coated Steel
  • True 6-Sided Sliding Spline for Smooth Suspension Action
  • Improved 4x4 Front Pivot Geometry
  • Zinc-coated Snap Rings hold the Pins in Place
  • No More Stripping Plastic Shafts
  • More Consistent Power Delivery during Cornering
  • Lay Down Some Serious Power
  • Ultimate Drive Shaft Upgrade
  • 4x4 Rear Pro-Spline HD Axles Also Available
  • Conveniently Pre-Assembled – Just Install & Go


  • (2) Front Pro-Spline HD Axles

Replacement Parts:


  • PRO6273-02: Front Pro-Spline HD Axles
  • PRO6273-04: 4x4 Male Drive Shafts
  • PRO6262-07: PRO-MT Drive Pins & Clips
  • PRO6262-08 (x 2): PRO-MT Replacement Outdrives
  • PRO6262-09 (x 2): PRO-MT Replacement Female Drive Shafts

PRO Tip: Rotate snap ring so slit is away from the pin and put a drop of Tire Glue on the slit in the snap ring to prevent it from rotating. It is still removable with a flat-head screw driver.



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