O.S. Speed B2103 Type S Buggy with T-2100SC Pipe

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oThe O.S. Speed B2103 Type S Buggy Competition Engine with the T-2100SC Pipe gives you the advantages and options expected of a competition grade power plant. O.S. has created a product that will evolve to meet driver preferences and course layout.

This model has a re-designed crankcase, engraved with the "O.S." Logo featuring an updated cooling fin with enough surface area for effective heat dissipation that gives the buggy engine a powerful look. This S Type has high vertical finned, low-profile cooling head with low gravity for improving the cars handling. The crankshaft has been updated to optimize the rotational mass and follows the O.S. SPEED tradition with a DLC coating to reduce friction, dual tungsten slugged counter-balance and a ceramic rear bearing to reduce vibration and increase RPM. The inner head has a silicon O-ring for improved vibration reduction and better dust resistance, and a three port sleeve that will perform well at medium and low speed ranges.

This engine also features the 22D carburetor which emphasizes quick response and smooth acceleration. This combo includes a T-2100 SC tuned silencer with M 2004 (85 mm) exhaust manifold, 6mm and a 6.5mm venturis, and a re-designed ball link which allows a change in the position of fixing screw for easier access



  • Crankcase with engraved "O.S." Logo 
  • Three – ports liner, ideal for medium and low speed range
  • Silicon Inner Head O-Ring
  • 22D carburetor for quick response and smooth acceleration
  • A designed ball link to allow changes in the position of fixing screw for easy access
  • DLC Coated Crankshaft with Tungsten weights and potted with silicone
  • O.S. Speed parts are available for updating the outer and inner heads, crankcase, crankshaft and more
  • Includes the OS T2100SC exhaust system and P3 turbo plug
  • Two Venturis (6mm & 6.5mm)
Displacement: 0.213 cu (3.49 cc)
Bore: 0.64" (16.27mm)
Stroke: 0.66" (16.80mm)
Practical RPM: 4000-42000 rpm
Power Output: 2.68PS, 2.64HP @34,000 RPM
Weight: 12.42 oz (352 g)
Crankshaft Size: UNF1/4-28



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