Traxxas Maxx Monster Truck Aluminum Front/Rear Lower Arms 14pc set (Blue)

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Part location: Front or rear lower arms

This product includes :

Lower Arms 2pcs
Stainless Steel Pin 4x38.5 2pcs
Stainless Steel Pin 4x63.5 2pcs
Stainless Steel Flat Head Screw 3x8 2pcs
Stainless Steel washer 3m 2pcs
White Delrin Shim 4mm 2pcs
Stainless Steel Round Head Screw 3x18 2pcs

Major advantages of upgrading to this part/product:
1. Made with a quality light weight high tensile strength aluminum 6061 T6 for greater support and durability.
2. Delrin collars are inserted to minimize the gap and strengthen the fitting for a smooth and stable drive.
3. The screw fixing method has changed to fixing a pin and with small screw to avoid any damage by loose threads on screws.
4. White Delrin Shim 4mm x 2pcs are used to lower the gap during installing on rear side, since the gap on rear arms are slightly wider than front arms.
5. Multiple positioning holes for dampers to adjust the angle.



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