MIP, Pucks, 17.5 Drive System, 67mm, Team Associated B6.1D, MIP18200

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MIP’s Pucks Drive system is an aluminum based drivetrain system which includes a 2-piece Alum Outdrive Cup & Alum Outdrive Hub, 2 Bi-metal bones, and the replaceable plastic orange wear Pucks™ that take the place of the inferior steel pins. This combination greatly increases the longevity of the drivetrain and most importantly decreases the drivetrains overall rotating mass by a whopping 50%! The decrease in weight directly results in quicker acceleration, deceleration, and lower motor temps! Get the advantage that every stock racer craves!

  • Aluminum Based Drivetrain and Aluminum based Outdrive Cup and Outdrive Hub
  • Decreases rotational weight of the components by 50%
  • Replaceable Pucks™ to keep your drivetrain fresh
  • 100% Quality made in the USA!



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