Maclan SSI Series Simple Soldering Iron Set

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The Maclan SSI Series Simple Soldering Iron Set is a light weight, compact tool designed for high heat performance with superb safety features. A soldering iron is one of the best tool investments a racer can make, and this fast heating, fast cooling iron gives you every pennies worth. Using a 6S Li-Po battery will deliver the best performance, as the iron will heat to 840°F (450°C) in just about 10 seconds.

The built-in safety features will automatically cool the iron to 400°F if it’s not moved for three minutes and will completely shut off power and go into standby mode after six minutes of idle time. The OLED screen displays iron status and adjustment information. All parameters can be easily and quickly adjusted by the buttons on the handle.

  • MCU control and program for precise temperature and safety control
  • Maximum 840+°F (450°C) temperature for RC applications
  • OLED display for easy reading status
  • Portable size and light weight for easy transportation to race events
  • Maximum 65W output with 24V power input
  • Built-in safety parameters to protect battery voltage and soldering iron tip lifespan
  • CE & FCC certified
  • Can use a 3S-6S battery
Optional Tips:
  • SSI-004 (K) Knife Tip
  • SSI-005 (C4) 4mm Chisel Tip
  • SSI-006 (B2) Point Tip
  • SSI-007 (BC2) 2mm Chisel Tip



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