Johnny Weld – Super Glue Activated Welding Powder

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Introducing Johnny Weld super glue activated welding compound. Johnny Weld creates a super strong bond (stronger than most competitors) between almost anything in just seconds! Rubber to plastic, glass to glass, wood to plastic – you name it! You should see what people are doing with Johnny Weld- fixing drones, sunglasses, tile, cement, shelving, wood furniture and even running radiator hoses! Don’t throw it away – Fix it with an ever lasting weld with Johnny Weld and keep it for the life of the product. Cost effective – You get More for Less with a full 60ml bottle of Johnny Weld. Fast – Depending on the super glue (cyanoacrylate) 3 -15 seconds cure time. Convenient – Throw a bottle anywhere. Johnny Weld as well as super glue can handle very low and very high temperatures. Versatile – It’s sandable and paintable Johnny Weld will work with any thin super glue.
  • Stronger than epoxy
  • Bonds virtually any material
  • Use it like a welder
  1. Place parts together
  2. Apply thin super glue
  3. Pour Johnny Weld
  4. Repeat layers as needed

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