JConcepts Hotties Street Eliminator SCT Drag Racing Rear Tires (2) (Gold)

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JConcepts Hotties Street Eliminator 2.2/3.0 SCT Drag Racing Rear Tires have an inspired look with a wide-body footprint, and offer straight-line forward stability with very light rolling resistance. The 2.2 x 3.0" size makes it convenient to fit a host of SCT sized wheel options, but to achieve the ideal scale look, this tire should be combined with the JConcepts StarTec wheel The rear tire is designed as a compact shape to fit inside those close quarters of a vehicle while maintaining the crisp response of a race tire. Hotties have raised lettering which can be detailed for shows or displays or simply left without for a sleepy yet devastating look. Inside of the Hotties carcass incorporates heavy internal X-ribbing around the inner diameter and feathery ribs along the sidewall to cushion straight-line blast-offs. The JConcepts tires include the Hotties carcass forming closed-cell, gray in color Dirt-Tech inserts known for their durability, performance and consistency

About Street Eliminator
The Street Eliminator is the latest in drag racing fun. The chassis are commonly built using a variety of short course truck kits and performance parts but it’s the true hobbyist and build expert who brings out the speed in each vehicle. For a break-down of a recommended build, see the JConcepts Street Eliminator Concept image below.

Applications & Compounds
The Hotties tires are rated for a maximum of Street Eliminator 2S power only. They are not guaranteed against any running damage from extreme power situations from anything above and beyond the rating. The tires are not belted, only reinforced with internal rubber ribbing.

  • Green compound: Super soft feel, maximum expansion and cool weather running conditions. Should be used in track temperatures under 80 degrees.
  • Gold compound: More durable material, less tire expansion and for warm weather running conditions. Should be used in track temperatures above 80 degrees. 


  • Popular 2.2 x 3.0" bead diameter
  • Single contour carcass with light-weight beads
  • Wide-body footprint for tracking stability
  • Authentic tire lettering with retro JConcepts logo
  • Available in super soft “green” and “medium” gold compounds
  • Includes Dirt-Tech closed cell inserts
  • Speedy looks and performance




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