Furitek SCX24 Komodo Brushless Conversion Set

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Axial SCX24 drivers looking to add performance, reliability, and increased efficiency to their crawler no longer need to look far to meet those requirements. The Furitek Brushless Motor conversion kit provides you with the necessary components to take your SCX24 (with compatible brushless ESC) to a whole new level of performance.

The Komodo brushless 2204 1400kV motor features windings that are built with high quality copper wiring, thin stator laminations, and are precision balanced. These features together deliver high efficiency levels, that is incredibly reliable at all RPM levels. 

Included with the conversion kit is a motor mount which supports 2204 outrunner motors, or 2030, 2040, and 2345 inrunner type motors, a 12T brass pinion with 3mm bore, and an aluminum CNC 32T 0.5 Mod spur gear - which is a complete package that can be dropped into your vehicle when paired with a proper brushless ESC.

Motor Specifications:
kV: 1400
No load current: 0.5A
Watts: 180
Input Voltage: 7.4-14.8V (2-4s LiPo)
Resistance: 0.24ohm
Max Current: 15A
Slots & Pole Count: 12s, 14p
Motor Dimensions: 28mm diameter, 19mm height 
Stator Size: 2204
Weight: 29.5g



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