Front Runner 2.2"/2.7" 2WD S3 Drag Front Tires

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Features: All-new Ground up Design for Maximum Performance 2.2"/2.7" Mounting Beads Super Narrow and Lightweight Combine with Pro-Line's Showtime Front Runner 2.2"/2.7" Wheels (PRO280303) Eliminates the Need for Tire Foam Maintains Scale Appearance Named After Full-Size Drag Racing Tires Made in the USA, since 1982 Overview: Pro-Line is ready to change the No Prep Drag game once again with a true next-generation front tire designed for maximum performance: the Front Runner Tire! Named after the front tires found in full-size drag racing, the Pro-Line Front Runner Tire was built from the ground up to be as lightweight and narrow as possible while still maintaining a scale appearance. The outside of the tire features a standard 2.2" bead, so it will look like all the regular front tires from the outside, but the inside of the tire has a 2.7" flat bead for reduced rubber weight. Combine with Pro-Line's Showtime Front Runner 2.2"/2.7" Wheel (PRO280303), which eliminates the need for tire foam, and you have the ultimate Drag Racing front tire and wheel. Now that top drag racers are consistently dropping sub 2-second runs, every gram of weight counts. Don't get stuck dragging around heavy front tires; get your own set of Front Runners today! Please note: All tires & wheels are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted. Fits: Pro-Line Showtime Front Runner 2.2"/2.7" Wheels (PRO280303)



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