Axial 3 Port High Output LED Controller

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This is the optional Axial 3 Port High Output LED Controller. Trail runs during the day are great fun, especially with friends. Hitting those same trails at night can be just as fun, if you have the right lights. Axial’s 3 Port LED Controller gives you the ability to light up the night and any obstacles you may encounter along the way! Compatible with Axial’s 8 LED string (AXI31098). This light controller fills the gap between Axials simple LED kit (AXI24257) and the full blown Night Vision System (AXI24251).


  • Ability to power 3 separate LED strings
  • Includes harness extension for removing the body
  • Compatible with our licensed Rigid Industries light bars
  • Light strings sold separately

NOTE: This controller is not compatible with the 5 LED string.


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