Team Associated Factory Team DR10 Lockout Slipper Clutch: ASC72026

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The Team Associated Factory Team DR10 Lockout Slipper Clutch is an optional clutch system developed specifically for No Prep RC Drag Racing. This clutch allows you to adjust the amount of slip on the launch like a standard slipper system, as well as adjust the point of clutch lockup once the car is up to speed. This provides a best of both worlds scenario, offering the benefits of a slipper with the no slip properties of a slipper eliminator.

The unique design features four hinged lockout arms with tapped screw holes, allowing weight adjustment of the lockout arms using your M3 hardware (tuning hardware not included). This is done to tune the lockup point to suit traction conditions. Plus, the system includes different durometer lockout bands to customize the delay of lockout arm engagement. The lockout combinations are almost unlimited and can be adjusted to suit the surface, the amount of power, chassis setup, and throttle profiles. 

NOTE: Top shaft not included. 


  • CNC machined pressure plates and lockout arms
  • 3-pad slipper design
  • Fiberglass slipper pads are used to withstand additional forces created by the pressure plates
  • Four lockout arms have M3 tapped holes to customize counter weighting for specific track conditions (tuning hardware not included)
  • Includes different durometer lockout bands to customize delay of lockout arm engagement
  • Shorter slipper spring for easier tunability
  • Includes Octalock Spur Gear
  • For DR10 series vehicles


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