Arrma 8S BLX Steering Knuckles (2)

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This is a replacement set of two Arrma Kraton 8S BLX Steering Knuckles, intended for use with the BLX 4x4 Kraton.

  • Tough composite material for increased crash resistance and long-lasting durability during the most extreme RC action
  • Molded-in metal reinforcement adds significant amounts of strength to the pivot ball cups
  • Precision pivot ball housings for smooth suspension and steering operation in all conditions 
  • Specially designed composite steering plate spacers
  • (1) Composite Steering Knuckle Left
  • (1) Composite Steering Knuckle Right
  • (2) Steering Plate Spacer


Arrma Kraton 8S BLX
Arrma Outcast 8S BLX



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