Aluminum Front+Rear L-Shape Piggy Back Damper - 8Pc Set Silver

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  • Shock cylinder made of high quality aluminum, lightweight and sturdy. Spring retainer is tightly sealed to prevent oil leakage. High concentration suspension oil is used for better cushioning force. L-shape piggy back reservoir extends travel of the oil to help smoothen out the drive with better performance.
  • The coil on spring damper is thickened from 1.8mm to 2mm to provide more power (can be replaced by original stock spring if softer spring is needed). Shock shaft is thickened from 3.5mm to 5mm to increase sturdiness and prevent bending. Mid-point distance : Front = 135mm (both Spring & Internal dampers). Rear Spring damper = 139mm ; Rear Internal Damper = 160mm.
  • Original stock part number : 8460X.
  • Will fit : Traxxas 1/7 Unlimited Desert Racer 6S RTR 4WD Race Truck (#85076-4)



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