1/10 RC TA08 Pro Chassis Kit

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The Tamiya TA08 1/10 4WD Touring Car Pro Chassis Kit has taken knowledge from the prior TA chassis to create this hopped up touring car. The careful design of this chassis allows the need for no top deck and balances the weight and rigidity. While this layout is similar to the TRF420, the TA08 car features a redesigned upper and lower control arms and is equipped with super big bore dampeners. The TA08 is a proper touring car and offers many tuning options.

NOTE: Finished chassis shown in photos is for illustrative purposes only. See needed to complete list below for a list of items required to complete the model. 

  • Stepped-V shaped main chassis to balance weight and rigidity
  • The battery pack and servo are positioned on a slight angle to reduce surface contact
  • Spur gear positioned in front of motor to produce a stable drivability
  • 2 belt-driven 4WD uses oil-filled gear differentials and steel differential joint cups
  • A-arm suspension arm to provide a low center of gravity
  • Turnbuckles are used to adjust camber and caster
  • Universal drive shafts and full bearings
Scale: 1/10
Bearings: Ball Bearings
Chassis Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
Drive: 4WD 
Terrain: On-Road

  • (1) TA08 1/10 Touring Car Chassis Kit
Needed to Complete
  • 2-channel radio system
  • Low profile servo
  • 540 Motor
  • Electronic Speed Control
  • 190mm touring car body
  • Touring car tires
  • 7.2-7.4V Battery
  • Compatible charger



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