Spektrum RC DX2E Active Speedometer Bundle

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The Spektrum DX2E Active Speedometer Bundle combines all the necessary components to upgrade the Losi TENACITY SCT and Spektrum DX2E ACTIVE to utilize active speed feedback. This includes the Spektrum TM1500 telemetery module and all necessary cables and sensors. Take the guess work out of this exciting upgrade and save money at the same time!

The Spektrum DX2E ACTIVE Speedometer Module is an exclusive add on upgrade that displays real time MPH or KPH right in front of the driver. All that is needed is a telemetry capable receiver, such as the TM1500 Telemetry Module, and the easy to install Spektrum RPM Sensor.

The Spektrum DX2E ACTIVE Speedometer Module features a simple one touch interface, allowing the driver to easily setup the speedometer and view the top speed at the touch of a button. The DX2E ACTIVE Speedometer Module is pre-configured for the Losi® TENACITY™ SCT, making it an exceptionally simple plug and play upgrade system that adds the immersion of brightly lit, heads up speedometer display to your DX2E ACTIVE Radio. And for other vehicles, setup is as simple as inserting your models motor pole count and tire roll out.

Type: Speedometer Module 
Length: 2.6 in (65mm) 
Width: 2.4 in (60mm) 
Height: 1.7 in (43mm) 
Weight: 1.7 in (43mm)



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