MIP BI-METAL PUCK™ KIT, AE, RC10 SC6.1 AND T6.1 #18270

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MIP Bi-metal Puck™ Kit, AE, RC10 SC6.1 and T6.1 #18270
MIP's world famous Pucks™ system has gone Off-Road! Introducing the new Bi-Metal Puck Kit for the Associated SC6.1 and T6.1 Off-Road Trucks! Our Puck kit has become a well known must have for 1:10 Scale Buggies and now you can have that same MIP power and quality off-road! Our kit decreases your cars rotational weight by 50%, resulting in faster acceleration, quicker deceleration, and less wear and tear on your electronics! Our kits feature only the highest quality parts all made 100% in the USA! 
And with our easy to replace Pucks™, you wont have to go out and spend all that money replacing your cars bones. Simply replace the MIP Pucks™ and you are ready to get back out there! That's quality that CAN'T be beat!!
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