Inductrix HD RTF

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Flight-ready and feature-packed, the Blade Inductrix FPV HD micro drone offers a uniquely easy and exciting HD FPV experience. Just add your smart device to view your flights in real time, and to record them in 1080p brilliance for sharing with friends.

• High Definition FPV 
• SAFE® Technology 
• Lightweight, fully assembled Ready-to-Fly drone 
• Quiet electric ducted fan style power system 
• Durable, damage-resistant rotor housings 
• Brilliant orientation LEDs 
• Flight transmitter with built-in tactile camera controls 
• Single cell 500mAh flight battery and USB charger 
• Smart phone headset adapter 
• Articulating camera mount 
• Adjustable on-screen display 
• 720p video feed downlink 
• 1080p 30fps on-board recording 
• SD memory card slot 
• Wireless transfer of saved files to smart phone 
• Apple and Android support



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