EMAX RSII 2206 2300kV Brushless Motor (CW Thread), RSII-2206-2300-CW

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Emax RSII Race Spec Brushless FPV Motors are the latest step in natural evolution, including increased durability, improved efficiency, and superior power output. Simply put, Emax continues to display why they are one of the "house names" in FPV Racing brands. 

Durability & Reliability
Featuring a strengthened Titanium Hollow Shaft, both durability and lightweight design are offered together;without sacrifice. With higher levels of QC standards, Emax has crafted the most reliable brushless line tested by professional pilots in every condition. 

Numbers Don't Lie
Backed by thousands of tests and simulations during 6 months of development, Emax's true performance charts demonstrate they have created a groundbreaking brushless motor. 

Lightweight Bell Design
Designed around unique lightweight bell, pilots concerned with damage will be a thing of the past! 

Arc Magnets & Single Windings
While utilizing the proven arc magnet technology, speed, control, and power will be at your disposal with no compromise to efficiency. Paired with a single wind copper wire, flight times will no longer be a concern for pilots looking to maximize their flight performance.



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