EMAX Bullet 35A Pro Edition (LED Control)

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The EMAX Bullet PRO Series of ESC's offer an excellent array of features that have became high in demand! The first clear feature is their physical size compared to competitors, forget the previous "small" ESC's within each amperage class because EMAX has shrunk the size down substantially. The BLHeli_S Firmware equipped on the Bullet ESC's also now support DSHOT and also Multishot, and OneShot protocols. Additionally the built in heat sink provides both lower overall core temperature and impact resistance against propeller strikes.  

With the ability to accept high voltage LiPos, up to 6s LiPo, Emax Pro Bullet ESCs are designed to handle the extreme abuse that high voltage 6s batteries place through out the system without breaking a sweat. As a final small but craft feature, the 35A Bullet Pro offers a programmable RGB LED, and can be configured within BLHeli to fit any of your needs. 


  • BLHeli_S Firmware
  • DSHOT/MultiShot/OneShot Support  
  • MOSFETS sourced from Toshiba Japan  
  • Murata Ceramic Capacitors  
  • 3oz High-TG PCB Board  

Input Voltage: 2 - 6 cells, 2S-6S LiPo  
Constant Current: 35 Amps  
Burst Current: 40 Amps  
Weight: 6.2g bare board (wires removed)  
Dimensions: 29x14.4x6mm (board dimensions only)  
Battery Wire: 18awg  
Throttle Wire: 105mm  
BEC: None



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