LaTrax Alias: Traxxas Quad Rotor Helicopter Drone-RED

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This is the LaTrax Alias Ready-To-Fly Micro Electric Quad-Copteris a clean-sheet design that focuses on the performance and design elements that make flying, and even learning to fly, fun. The first mission objective was durability. Alias is built around a unique molded-composite frame that is combined with clever high-tech construction to make it extremely light and virtually indestructible. Your flying fun goes on and on without worrying about breakage from crash damage. The next mission was performance. Fun always comes from having more power so Alias' motors have 50% more power than standard motors, and when combined with the lightweight design and high-tech materials, Alias is lightning quick and ultra-responsive. A completely redesigned flight control system was developed that provides unmatched 6-axis stability that works in the background without impacting performance and speed. It acts like a virtual spring that snaps Alias back to level controlled flight no matter what situation you find yourself in. New pilots can fly faster and perform aerobatic maneuvers sooner than they ever thought possible with Alias' unique flight control system.


Alias Quad-Copter Features:

    • Quad-rotor thrust with auto-leveling 6-axis flight system
    • Three customizable flight modes: Easy, Fast, Expert
      • Easy Mode – Auto-leveling with limited flight angle
      • Fast Mode – Auto-leveling with more aggressive flight angles and one-button flips, rolls, and twists
      • Expert Mode – Disables auto-leveling, fully adjustable rates, perform manual maneuvers, and one-button auto-leveling recovery
    • Crash-proof, virtually indestructible design!
    • Integrated high-intensity LED optics light the way for increased night visibility
    • Four high-output motors – 50% more power than standard motors
    • Colorful and interchangeable rotor blades, LED lenses, and canopies
    • 2.4GHz multi-mode transmitter eliminates frequency conflicts
    • Telemetry-enabled battery fuel gauge
    • Exciting push-button aerobatics in Fast Mode
      • Perform one-button 3D flips, rolls, and twists
    • Includes a high-capacity 650mAh LiPo battery for long flight times
    • USB-powered, high-output fast battery charger
    • Soft-compound rubber feet
    • Top-mounted drivetrain
    • Molded two-piece, two-color canopy
    • 100% fully assembled and Ready-To-Fly

    2.4GHz Transmitter Features:

    • Reliable 2.4GHz control
    • Low battery indicators for transmitter and helicopter receiver
    • Electronic trim controls
    • Digital trim indicators
    • Internal antenna
    • LCD display keeps you informed
    • Interchangeable control sticks and thumb pads
    • Traxxas Link model memory stores up to 10 models
    • Powered by Traxxas

    *Colors may vary when ordered. Please call the shop with any special requests*



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