Traxxas TRX-4 Traxx All Terrain Track Set (4)

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  • Virtually unstoppable traction on practically any terrain including mud, sand, and even snow
  • Fully-assembled for installation in just minutes
  • Oil-filled coilover dampers to control rotational movement
  • Suspended road wheels allow treads to conform to irregular surfaces
  • Specially designed one-piece rubber treads resist de-tracking
  • Drastically improves ground clearance and approach angles
  • Designed for all-weather fun
  • Sealed bearings on drive wheels
  • Low-maintenance self-lubricating bushings on guide wheels
  • Longer rear Traxx drive units for steep climbing stability
  • Re-usable molded foam storage box
  • Sold as a set of four
  • Fits all TRX-4 models

Pro Tips:  

  • Use a High-Torque 400oz-in servo and a High-Output BEC for maximum turning power in all conditions.
  • Slight body trimming may be required. Use TRX-4 Long-Arm Lift Kit to minimize trimming and increase ground clearance.
  • On TRX-4 models equipped with T-Locks, keep the front and rear differentials locked for optimal traction and performance.
  • On TRX-4 models equipped with two-speed transmissions, always use low gear.
Front weight: 13.2oz (374g) Each
Rear Weight: 13.7oz (387g)
Total Weight Increase: 2 lb., 5.4 oz. (1060g) 
Improved Ground Clearance: 16.8mm 

  • (4) All Terrain Tracks
  • (8) Cap Head Screws



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